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NineGuard - biometric facial recognition scan

Safeguard your assets, today

Working with RFID badges for authentication? More than 10% of data breaches are caused by a physical security compromise.  

Industrial identification, everywhere

Still using physical identification documents? Centralise user identification, certificates and training courses in a privacy compliant application.

NineID - user identification overview
Average hours you will save per week on visitor onboardings
* On average 7min. administration/visitor based on a medium sized company with 20 visitors/day
Faster onboarding for your visitors, employees & contractors
* On average 60sec. with NineID® versus 7min. on-site administration/visitor at a medium sized company
Average time you need to send a safety message to site visitors
* Make safety and evacuation messages in advance and push them with a click of a button in the admin interface

Easy to use for everyone

Invite users

Send digital site access invitations to personnel, contractors and visitors.

This fully customisable process can be done completely digital and remote. There's no need for a physical onboarding anymore.
NineGuard - site access control invitation

Users complete the information, documentation and courses you need.

This can include personal information, picture, ID, driver's license, certificates, safety briefings, e-learning courses, license plate, etc.
NineGuard - site access control onboarding
Site access

Access to a site, building or facility is granted by a facial recognition and/or smartphone scan.

Precision facial recognition technology is used to grant access to critical security points. Mobile device scanners can be used at sub-critical points of entry.
NineGuard - biometric facial recognition device

Monitor your site, building or facility in real time to maximise protection, safety and security.

NineGuard® allows you to send safety notifications to individuals or groups at (specific) locations, track user activity and monitor your site in real time.
NineGuard - site access control monitoring

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